Airport shuttle services and tours provides a transport service inclusive of all the above mentioned services, our company is known for the outstanding rapport it has with all relevant employees and managers, its ability to get all passengers delivered safely to the intended destination. It is highly respected by its clients because it is organised through planning and paper work, always on time, this company also understands the need to improve the quality of service provision by having quality control and performance measurements in place.


To ensure an optional streamlined service, the following measures are in place:

Details of each trip is recorded and assessed to ensure safety of the driver, passengers and the vehicle.

Delivery times on all routes are strictly monitored.

The centralised operations office constantly monitor all vehicles to ensure proper fleet management, the office also communicates with our clients on regular basis.

All vehicles are equipped with phones to ensure that passengers arrive safely and on time.

We provide our clients with detailed route analysis reports to ensure an efficient service.


All vehicles are comprehensively insured and includes passengers and public liability insurance. We also have implemented extensive occupational health and safety procedures and all health and safety regulations are strictly adhered to. All company drivers have valid professional driving permits.

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